Friday, February 24, 2012

And on the topic of Neko Case

Satan sucks, but you're divine.

"My Chinchilla", by Cub, off their 1993 album BETTI-COLA.

Uhm, so what does this silly indie band have to do with Neko Case? Well, Neko Case was the drummer on a couple of the songs on that album, and later did some drumming on tour with them though she wasn't their full-time drummer. Lisa Marr of Cub also is the one who first encouraged Neko to sing rather than just bang on drums, and you know what the result of that was.

Lisa Marr, the singer / bass player for Cub who later went on to found a number of other bands, is an interesting person. Not the world's best singer (though adequate for her genre), but enthusiastic and energetic and plays the crowd well in live performances before enthusiastic crowds of, err, well, not thousands, not hundreds, but well, maybe, at best, dozens. Oh well. Has to be insane. Has to be. Only way someone would keep making music for so many years of the world being completely disinterested in hearing your stuff. On the other hand, if only more people were crazy in such a way, i.e. obsessively creating even though the majority of people just yawn at the result, maybe we wouldn't have such a crappy world so full of violence and destruction...

-- Badtux the Music Penguin

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