Saturday, February 25, 2012

Freakout going on

The Mighty Fang got a whiff of intact tom earlier this evening and has been acting crazy ever since, howling at Mencken and even growling at me. TMF lunged at Mencken while howling like a mad cat and put a small tear in Mencken's ear. Currently I've put him out into the garage, because Mencken's ear needed a break from TMF's claws and my ears needed a break from the howling.

Got any better ideas?

-- Badtux the Crazed-cat-owned Penguin


  1. Some pet stores sell herbal calmatives. Some cats will happily drink chamomile tea---which calms them. Good luck?

  2. For what it's worth, Rescue Remedy from the Bach Flower Remedies series. Always seems to work on mine when they get upset about something.

  3. Well, freakout seems over now, TMF and Mencken are curled together on my bed and when I disturbed TMF by petting him, he started grooming Mencken. Which is why TMF in full berserker mode is so scary... he's usually such a *friendly* kitteh. Sigh!

    - Badtux the Berserker-owned Penguin


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