Friday, February 10, 2012

The Mighty Fang's Nemesis

I finally got a good look at the cat that The Mighty Fang spends so much time yowling at. When I got home, he was on top of the fence looking at me. So I very slowly and carefully readied my cell phone camera and attempted to take a photo through the windshield. Didn't work. So I very, very slowly opened the door and crept out, doing my best to be unthreatening. And then...

Yah, I basically got mugged. FluffyTail sniffed, started winding around my leg, let me rub his head a little, and finally laid down on the concrete and started wiggling around and flopping over from side to side in ecstasy.

I've heard that penguins have magnetic personalities, but this is just ridiculous...

-- Badtux the Cat-mugged Penguin


  1. Ah, you've met your version of my Graywacke! He's a black and gray tabby (hence the name I've given him) who periodically appears in my yard. If I'm about, he begs for scritches, tells me nobody loves him, and purrs mightily when I give in and scritch on him.

    However, my boys don't yowl at him; they've poked noses at each other many times through the screen door and consider each other interesting, not enemies.

  2. I feel the love. We have 3 indoor cats now,not counting the canines. One cat was a scrawny/sick outdoor runt that we brought in. She now rules the roost. So now we have 2 more waiting to come in, and a new one that just makes an occasional appearence. I am personally hoping for kittens as bad as that may be. I need some new lol cats at home.
    There are just so many 'lost' cats in the world and they all need attention.
    a cat owned w3ski

  3. Karen, pretty much what this cat did -- begged for scritches, told me nobody loves him (i.e., he was talking to me), and purred mightily when I gave in and scritched on him. As he was wriggling around on that pavement he was also purring loud enough that I could hear him all the way up in the clouds.

    w3ski, yeah, I was definitely feeling the love here, which is amazing because the last time I saw this cat, he acted as if I were a serial killer or something -- simply pulling my cell phone out to use the camera to get his picture sent him scurrying for cover. I guess he finally decided I wasn't a serial killer. No chance of him hanging out with TMF and Menken though, he's apparently unaltered and sprays, and a) TMF reacts very badly to unaltered toms, and b) *I* react very badly to cats that spray (ain't 'nuff Febreze in the world to counter that smell, yo).

    I think I know who this cat's family is -- a middle-class Hispanic family down the street with two children -- so it's not that he's unwanted/unloved/unfed/whatever. Apparently he just decided to add me to his family last night :).

    - Badtux the Cat-mugged Penguin

  4. In our small home in the hills, an 'indoor cat' has been neutered and gone beyond spraying as well as had shots and worming. The outdoor cats are still outdoor because my funds are very limited for vet services at this time.
    The 'scrawny' runt cost us $400 bucks, with surgery to fix her raw ear absess.
    Wouldn't give her up for the world tho.
    Got another sweety out there now. Mostly grey but with white undertones. He is making the call. HE loves attention, but this one has meet the dogs and they think he is prey. Going to have to break that before I can take him in. Dogs are too smart, they Will learn. After all they have the other cats as friends now, just got to accept one more.
    a totally cat , and dog owned w3ski

  5. Critters: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Husband and I went shopping for a bed for our Eastern Sierra home. (We're so rural that even bed shops in Carson City won't deliver to us, so we decided to shop in our home base of the South San Francisco Bay Area, and haul the bed up over the mountains ourselves.) We decided on a foam mattress on top of a platform with drawers -- they come apart so you can carry them in a pickup truck -- and a bookcase-like headboard. One of the real issues in choosing this furniture was a potential space to lose a cat between the wall and the platform. We had to be reassured that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE with the furniture that we purchased. We have that problem with our bed in the South Bay. Can you imagine how hard it is to clean out cat puke from beneath the headboard? To say nothing about capturing a cat under there who doesn't want to come out...

  6. Looks like a California Rag Doll. Great cats! A buddy is owned by one, and there is another at the local aution house working as a rodent control engineer. They are smart and lovable.


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