Sunday, February 12, 2012

And so?

I understand that a washed-up pop diva has died. In other news, around 250,000 other people also died yesterday. I'm failing to see why one woman who had it all and threw it all away is worth more attention than the other 249,999 people who died yesterday, but apparently I'm alone in that opinion.

-- Badtux the Numbers Penguin


  1. No. You're not alone in that opinion.

  2. No, not so alone in that thought, I often wonder why famous people get so much media attention. Then I remember that whole bread and circuses thingy.

    Woman had some pipes though, I can't listen to her version of "I Will Always Love You" without bawling like a baby.

    I watched Waiting to Exhale again today, it's one of the few movies I own on DVD, but I streamed it on Netflix. If you ever want to understand women and their need for women friends, that's the movie to watch. Some real acting talent in that movie, and the script was written by a woman. How anyone could not admire Angela Basset's performance in that movie is beyond me.

  3. Michael Jackson had not had a hit in what, 20+years? Princess Diana did what, exactly? Yet the death of both were mourned for WEEKS as though they had canceled the second coming.....No justice in the universe.

  4. No you're not but there's some cabbage to be made here so get out of the way.

  5. Whaaat? Badtux, honestly, what do you mean you are not getting all engrossed in the celebrity distraction drama of the week?

    Me? I just find myself wondering how they pick 'em? Is it like a lottery? Who gets to wash down sleeping pills with booze THIS week?

  6. C'mon, guys, it's sad that anyone would take their own lives accidently with some combination of drugs and booze. Human beings can, and usually have, more strength than that. Regret her weakness, rather than piss on her. In her prime, she did have a beautiful voice, and her songs inspired many people (though I wasn't particularly a fan; her sort of music never inspired me).

    There are a lot of other human beings out there struggling with addiction, and some died that night; some will die tonight, and tomorrow, and so on. Have some empathy toward them; an addiction is not something you can just walk away from, without a lot of outside support.

    I suspect it's easier for Joe/Jane Ordinary to get the support they need than for celebrities, whose every movement is photographed.


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