Saturday, February 25, 2012

I supported evil last night.

As I came out of Wally World after buying some oil (hey, $2/gallon cheaper than O'Reilly's, okay?), two cheerful, giggling minions of Satan accessorized in green accosted me and said melodically, "Want to buy some cookies?" and I did, of course. Two boxes of thin mints, actually.

Maybe Rep. Bob Morris had a point about the Girl Scouts. At least, where my waistline is concerned ;).

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I didn't have a spare dime but I did stop to say that "my Mom, wife and daughters had all been Girl Scouts and I approve of them no matter what people may say.
    The two politely said "thanks for supporting Girl Scouts"
    made me feel very good

  2. lol, hey I needed an emergency pair of glasses and Wally World was 150 cheaper than the Dr.s office, so I suppose I'm evil too. And the neighbor's kid was selling girl scout cookies. Oooops.

  3. Tux, you got away with only two boxes? What self-control!

  4. Since when does a penguin have a waistline?


  5. JzB, I'm *supposed* to have a waistline. Siiiiigh!

    Karen, yes, I'm proud of myself. Last time the minions of Satan accosted me, it was *four* boxes ;).

    Nunya, these girl scouts could very well be neighbors. Sad to say, I'm a stereotypical American -- I have a hard time telling East Asian kids apart unless I'm *very* close to them and have had time to absorb the whole (hair style, way of moving, way of dressing, etc.).

    w3ski, what's interesting is that the majority of Girl Scouts here in the Silly Cone Valley are East Asian. I'm not sure what that means, other than that immigrants to the US try very hard to create the America that they want to believe in, i.e., land of opportunity, neighborhood potlucks, Scouting, hard work, and education as the key to success. Too bad the America they want to believe in isn't the one that actually is, but they've managed to create a miniature society within the overall American society that is a better America than America really is. Most of the venture-funded companies here in the Valley are led by immigrants or children of immigrants now, because they are the True Believers in the American dream that has pretty much died out in the rest of America...

    - Badtux the Valley Penguin

  6. The little green-clad minions of evil got to me too. I purchased (and gobbled down) three boxes. I tried to explain to my doctor that I wasn't cheating on my diet -- I was just making a political statement. She didn't buy that for some odd reason.

  7. They Are trying Mr Tux, at least they try. Don't revolutions start with one person trying to do something different?
    If more people just tried to do the right thing we'd have a start, miniscule tho it would be.


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