Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wishy-washy feel-good nonsense

Preznit Hopey-Changey talks about bullying. It's bad, he says. Lots of people agree it's bad, he says. Missing, however, from all that wishy-washy feel good talk in his speech is anything that even vaguely smells of effective action. Coat drives and values education aren't going to change the fact that there are some children who are just plain mean and vicious, and who will viciously bully anybody who they feel they can get away with bullying, just because they can.

I'll listen to Obama speak about bullying once he starts dealing effectively with the Republican bullies that have been bullying him ever since his election. His strategy thus far for dealing with Republican bullies appears to be to surrender and meekly hand over his lunch money, then mouth wishy-washy platitudes about hope and change. Yeah right. Like that's ever worked to stop bullies from bullying...

-- Badtux the Practical Penguin


  1. Sort of OT, maybe not. I was just thinking about that long ago thingy O was promising to do. Close Guantanamo. Funny how no one talks about that anymore.

    Bullying is bad, mkay?

  2. I had the same reaction when I saw BO on TV yesterday dealing with bullying (great topic, Barry, but save it for another day.) Why does it seem that Obama's focus is always on something other than urgent matters, like the Republicans' push toward facsism? When will it dawn on him that if he wants to win a second term, he better clock in and start acting like a Democratic president and not a school guidance counselor?

  3. What Ayn L. said! We deserve more than a Capitulator-in-chief.

  4. Perhaps this is THE issue of his presidency... He wants to present a perfect example of how NOT to deal with bullies.

  5. Meh. I have a hard time taking seriously any proposed response to bullying that doesn't include half a dozen friends (or hirelings) and a duffle full of size 4 cricket bats.

    I have just as hard a time taking seriously any assertion that Obama has a genuine interest in challenging the GOP or its underlying assumptions.


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