Thursday, March 31, 2011


CNN discovers, to their horror, that atomic weapons are easy to build. If you have access to weapons-grade uranium, that is. Which sorta like saying that becoming a billionaire is easy if you have access to a billion dollars. Weapons-grade uranium or plutonium is the whole *point* of a nuclear weapons program, not the actual mechanical construction of the bomb, which is ridiculously easy if you enrich the uranium enough. If you have the enriched uranium, sure, building a bomb is easy -- crap, you don't even need a detonator if it's enriched enough, just have your poor sod suicide bomber pull two lumps of U-235 out of separate lead caskets, slap'em together, BOOM! But pulling enough U-235 out of uranium ore, which is mostly U-238 (i.e., useless for weapons purposes) so that you can build a bomb... now *that* is a chore, and ain't no trucker gonna be doing *that* anytime soon.

But CNN breathlessly proclaims "The sky is blue!" in a yellow journalism haze of exuberance, and then acts like it's news. No wonder Ted Turner is disgusted with today's CNN and says "I should have never sold it"... it's turned into total bullshit.

-- Badtux the Scientific Penguin

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