Friday, March 11, 2011

GOP Senator proposes "Final Solution"

Ever wonder what the GOP wants to do with all the mentally ill people once served by the mental health programs that their policies have gutted? Well... wonder no more. State Senator Martin Harty (R) of New Hampshire has the solution for that problem -- the *FINAL* solution. As in, the same solution as Hitler's for "defective people": Exterminate them.

Sad to say, the rest of the GOP is likely to publicly cluck in horror, while privately laughing and agreeing with him. How *dare* those defective mentally ill people use *our* tax money to keep themselves somewhat functional and alive! They should all be exterminated, because Jesus said that anybody who wasn't perfect like Him was, like, an untermenschen and stuff, and not worth living. Or somethin' like that. I'm sure I'll find that verse somewhere in my Bible, hmm, maybe in Leviticus 25:35 ... yeah, that's the one :).

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Note: Have now been informed he's a state representative, not a state senator. Mia culpa, I should have checked out a few more links before posting...


  1. Bible, didn't know you had a book of fiction.

    As for all the shit going on, I don't give a shit anymore, it's not going on in my yard.

  2. Sounds like the Senator from NH qualifies for the Express Lane to the Alaskan Work Camps (Hey, it would give Palin a job also, being in charge of the camp). However, I think that at some point he and a lot of the other Rethugians will have their tickets punched by St. Peter for the southbound non-stop sunny-beechie express. Just hope they love the warmer temperatures and the smell of coal.

  3. "Republican State House Speaker William O’Brien said that “at Harty’s age [90 years old], he has earned the right to say what he thinks..."

    I would suggest that reaching the point where you don't have to (or are unable to) control what you say, you've also earned the prohibition against ever making any decisions again.

  4. I don't even know what to say to that. I don't think I know enough obscenities, and my sailor son learned to cuss from dear old mom....

  5. It's not just the mentally ill that the GOP have pegged for the final solution; it's the entire middle class.

  6. Much of what the GOoPers say is projection. The "death panels" they fake-wailed about? Merely a projection of what THEY want to do in their innermost dark fantasies. The thing about political projection is that you take your own sick wishes, which you know are so odious that normal people would be repulsed by them, and claim that SOMEONE ELSE wants to do them. Nazis did it with their claims that the Jews wanted to destroy the world, Xtians do it when they say that other sects are inspired by the Devil, yadda yadda.

    As for calling the senile meanile fuckwit a senator, that's excusable, because it's what he was labeled initially in the linked piece. You can't be expected to fact-check every detail of every link.

    It's also sad that the leader of the N.H. House can't even bring himself to criticize such a statement. Is he worried about attracting the wrath of the most hateful segment of his party, aka "the base"? From what I've read, New Hampshire has been taken over by some of the most retrograde political elements. From what I read in Wikipedia, which I respect ever less as an information source, it's an odd legislature.

    "The New Hampshire House of Representatives is the lower house in the New Hampshire General Court. The House of Representatives consists of 400 members coming from 103 districts across the state, created from divisions of the state's counties. On average, each legislator represents about 3,300 residents. If the same level of representation were present in the U.S. Congress, that body would have approximately 99,000 members, according to current population estimates. Members are paid a salary of $200 per biennium, as are New Hampshire State Senators."

  7. Apparently a vile and reprehensible statement is no longer vile and reprehensible once you get old enough. Hmm, does that mean that when I get to be 90 years old, I can say "children are tasty to eat both in stews and barbecued!" without people recoiling in horror, because I've "earned the right to say what I think" just by virtue of managing to survive to such an advanced age?

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin


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