Friday, March 11, 2011

Disturbing taint

I earlier posted My Brightest Diamond's cover of "Tainted Love", a song originally written back in the Motown days but first made famous by this version by Soft Cell in 1981.

Marilyn Manson tried to make a disturbing video based on this song. Marilyn's over-the-top goth drivel, though, did not get anywhere near as disturbing as Soft Cell's original video for the song, which due to its insinuations of pedophilia never appeared on MTV or any other major video outlet even though the song was everywhere during the early 80's. The hilarious thing is that the singer in this video, Marc Almond, is gay, quite flamboyantly so, and would have had absolutely no real-life prurient interest in the little girl in the video.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin

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  1. I bought the LP back in the 1980s, precisely for that song. Unfortunately, the album version was an extended mix, not as tightly edited as the single, with a lot of synth minutes that got boring. Sold the vinyl at Amoeba when I lightened my record collection down to the best 500 discs before moving to Oz. One of the catchiest beats of the decade, though, a song that's identifiable after the first two beats.


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