Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Grass

I've featured a song by Sarah Jarosz before. This one is "Song Up In Her Head", off her album by the same name. In this performance she is all of 17 years old. And that's some mighty fine bluegrass pickin', she'll get better as she goes along but she's already as competent as probably 3/4ths of the bluegrass pickers out there and she writes her own songs besides, including this one.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. Near as I can determine, Jarosz is a Polish name, but it looks Hungarian to me - and so does she.

    Very nice.


  2. What's interesting is that a) Sarah Jarosz managed to get a #1 hit album (albeit on the bluegrass charts) while looking like a normal person, not like a slut or a willowy blonde (or red-head), and b) I've been watching a number of her videos on YouTube, and Sarah is anything but neurotic -- she interacts with her audiences, she performs her songs, when she's interviewed she seems refreshingly down to earth and, well, normal. Maybe it's because her stuff is marketed as "bluegrass" that she can avoid all that music industry bullshit, but she seems to be a genuinely nice young normal person who happens to have quite a bit of talent. So much for the whole tortured artist thing, I guess...

    - Badtux the Normal-appreciatin' Penguin


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