Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is what a Democrat with balls looks like

Grover Norquist demanded that Gov. Jerry Brown debate him. Gov. Jerry Brown didn't grace this demand with a personal response, but his press secretary responded with an offer to have Jerry's Corgi debate Grover Norquist. He notes that this really wouldn't be a fair debate -- for Grover -- since his dog probably has more ideas relevant to real problems facing California and Californians than Grover does.

-- Badtux the Snark-appreciatin' Penguin


  1. I have always like JB and actually sent him a few bucks way back when. Will the other dims learn from him--- naw.

  2. Can the Corgi piss on Grover's leg, too?

    P.S. Does Norqy set off your gaydar at, like, 110 RoyCohns? How come the Right worships this weenie, and why hasn't anybody outed him? Rhetorical question, since no one has outed KKKarl Rove, Bitch McConnell and so many other prominent, closeted haters.


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