Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not a bad idea in some ways...

Racist Republican candidate for Congress suggests deporting illegals, busing blacks from Compton to take their place.

Congressional candidate Jack Davis was of course condemned roundly by both Democratic and Republican leaderships for his statement. But there's a bit of history to show that there's a grain of a good idea there.

So... how did all those blacks get to Compton anyhow? The answer was that, by and large, they moved to Los Angeles from the American South in order to work in the war-time weapons factories during WW2. When WW2 was over there was no need for so many factory workers in Los Angeles... but they couldn't go back home because the sharecropping plantation system had been busted by WW2 also, never to return. So there they sit.

Now, one of the things I've mentioned in the past is that I taught at two different all-black schools during my teaching career. One thing I *haven't* mentioned is this: The black community hates, hates, hates them some Mexicans. The reason is because after WW2, they couldn't go back home, so they tried to get into the fields in California instead. But the braceros had been brought in during WW2 and the California plantation owners prefer the Mexicans, because the Mexicans work hard, die willingly, and have no civil rights since they're not U.S. citizens. Whereas if they hired black Americans, they'd have to pay minimum wage, they could have OSHA on them if they mistreated their workers, and they would have the possibility of a walkout if they tried to make their workers work without pay (*yes*, they do that to their Mexican workers... if the plantation owner blew too much money on beer last weekend, well, the beaners didn't need the money after all, right?).

In short: The problem with illegal immigration is not that the workers are illegal. It's that they are slaves, with no civil rights, and no ability to complain if illegally mistreated by the plantation owners that hire them. And there does happen to be a large pool of workers who *could* take their place, and in the past expressed a *willingness* to take their place, right there where that racist numbnuts suggested sending his bus to pick up those non-existent "lazy Negros" that his watermelon-stereotyped bigotry thinks lives there. But who would hire a free man, if you could have a slave instead?

And that, in the end, is the tragedy of illegal immigration when it comes to the black community: It really did take away their jobs. And they're pissed about it, and have been for decades.

-- Badtux the Multicultural Penguin


  1. dude, you ever been reaaaaaaal close to a race riot? I have.

  2. Nope, but I been real close to blacks talking about "beaners". As in, eating lunch at the same table with them.

    - Badtux the Helpful Penguin

  3. You think the "beaners" like the blacks any better? People are people. You will find predjudiced people everywhere. The trick is to get people to witness and admit that predjudice is not only practiced by white people. Sometimes it seems like the evidence of institutionalized racism (by whites) is an excuse for blaming all racism on whites.


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