Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some folks are just vicious

Libertopians always amuse me when they spout the nonsense about an armed society being a polite society. No. An armed society is a scared society, where normal people are terrified that any day might be their last day if one of the vicious arrogant savages who enjoy killing people happens to decide they need killing for no reason at all.

You want proof of the viciousness of some human beings? Rolling Stone's expose of The Kill Team should be frightening enough about the depths of viciousness that some people will descend to. And don't say it's because these guys got trained to be killers yada yada. These guys were vicious *before* they joined the military, indeed, probably wouldn't have been allowed to join prior to the War on Brown People Everywhere and the resulting issues with recruiting that the Army has been having.

My best guess is that the typical pasty cheeto-stained-fingered Libertopian wanking off to photos of dead brown people in Mommy's basement would be scared shitless if these folks were walking down the streets of his city in full battle rattle with rules of engagement basically letting him shoot anybody he feels need killin'. As in, we'd need some adult Pampers big-time, yo.

-- Badtux the Reality-based Penguin

A typical Libertopian prepares for the War on Brown People in his mommy's basement.


  1. You live here long enough you learn to trust your gut, and when it says go you go.

  2. But you won't find Libertopians in your neighborhood, Nunya. For that matter, you won't even find Libertopians in *my* neighborhood, because it's 80% "ethnic" and thus would make a typical tighty rightie fill his diapers from the sight of non-white people. Indeed, a relative from rural Louisiana, upon hearing my neighborhood was so diverse, expressed concern that it was a "dangerous" neighborhood. Uhm, no. There's no such thing as a dangerous neighborhood in Santa Clara. Well, except maybe the aisles of Costco if you happen to get between a little old Chinese lady pushing an overloaded shopping cart and whatever deal she's trying to score :). When that laid-off Indian engineer killed his extended family and then himself in 2009, that was every single murder that happened in the entire city for that entire year... not that this would stop one of those tighty righties from filling up his Depends at the thought of walking around amongst so many, well, brown people, yo!

    = Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  3. I was referring to the uniformed critters that populate this city and have since WWII. You think the vicious ones never pass through this huge ass military base they call a county? You think I was always a middle aged married lady? No dear, I come by my caution (and cynicism) honestly.

    Believe it or not, I have seen libertarians here, even some on govt subsidized housing. There really is no end to the variety of Americans, not all of them the sharpest tools in the shed, lol.


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