Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Spoiled cats

Somehow I came across this motorized cat condo / tower / scratching post combination. I guess the reason I was Googling for cat accessories is because of Earthbound Misfit buying a heated cat bed for one of her cats.

No, I'm not going to buy one for my cats. Seriously. They might have a platinum water fountain and a motorized cat feeder, but they are *not* getting a motorized cat condo. No way, no how.

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. Aww but look at those pitiful faces..are you sure?

  2. But . . . but . . . TMF *wants* one!!!!!

  3. Oh, speaking of the cat feeder, which your plump pussycat learned to outwit? I read that sitting the feeder on a lazy susan foils that bit pretty well.

    But heated beds? Hey, I am of the "still scared of electric blankets" brigade..

  4. Tim: They don't use the *non*-motorized cat condo, preferring other places like the shelf above my computer or the hood over my stove (which sticks out about six inches) or the small table at the front window that holds the (very lucky) Lucky Bamboo for their glaring-down-at-the-penguin duties. (Said Lucky Bamboo is very lucky because it has not managed to be knocked down even when TMF is sitting on its little table staring out the window waiting for me to come home and feed him -- and yes, that's the *only* time I see him on that table/stand, when I'm outside and he's hungry).

    Random: TMF already has high places, and ignores the current condo. He isn't getting one :).

    Labrys: That would be evil. I can just see TMF plopping down on the floor to go mining for kibble and the whole feeder starts swiveling. It'd be as hilarious as when Mencken got his claw snagged on one of my pillows and got "chased" by the pillow, freaking him out so badly he huddled under the bed for an hour and still views pillows with suspicion. (Before that time he'd sleep on top of the pillow that I cover the side of my head with -- I'm a side sleeper -- which made for a rather heavy load on top of my head as *I* was trying to sleep, so I guess there's some bonus to having him paranoid about pillows now :).

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  5. We have at least 8 (can't be bothered to count) heating pads placed around our house & covered back porch, for the warmth & comfort of our 5 cats.

    It's getting hard to find heating pads that don't have that stupid auto shut off "feature" these days. So if you find one that just stays on forever, stock up. Someday the protect-us-from-ourselves brigade will outlaw them altogether.

  6. I might get TMF a heated cat bed someday. He spends far too much time under the covers of *my* bed. Granted, that ends up pre-heating the bed for *me*, but still, a cat's not supposed to sleep under the covers, I might accidentally sit on him or somethin'...

    -- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


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