Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodbye, Joe

You were a by-god Man, with a capital M. I didn't always agree with your ornery ass, but you had a keen eye and intelligence to go with it, and weren't shy about saying what you thought about what you saw.

Joe Bageant, 1946-2011. Another one of the good guys gone. R.I.P. Too bad there ain't a Heaven or a Hell, I'm sure you'd be having a high time with Molly Ivins right about now if there was...

-- Badtux the Obits Penguin


  1. Alas, I did not know him.

    Lo siento,

  2. Tux - -
    Joe was right, but didn't write Deer Hunting With Jesus from the grave.
    Check da post, I'm sure you meant 1946 - 2011.

  3. As a writer, I admired his writing. As a progressive, I relished the way he could turn an idea on its head and make sense of things.

    My granddaughter turns 1 in a few days. I just drafted a letter to her to be opened on her 18th birthday. I mention Joe and his writings, mainly to make her aware (in case I'm not around), but also to pimp her dad, who is a financial sector conservative.

    Rest in peace, Joe.

  4. Mrs.Bukko and I were lucky enough to see Bageant speak at the Readings Bookstore (a small chain) on Lygon Street (the heart of the Italian quarter) in Melbourne when he was on his book tour for "Deer Hunting." Had a few words with him, also had two or three of my e-mails to him published on his site. He was an inspiration, fer sher.


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