Monday, August 23, 2010

What a day!

I was basically talking non-stop from 9AM this morning to 5PM this evening. But things are looking up for me. It appears that within the next day or two, I'm going to get job offers from two different companies:

Company 1: A small but profitable company with 10 engineers in their engineering department.

Company 2: A division of a multi-billion-dollar large company that originated as an acquisition, with about 20 engineers in the division, and which is semi-independent but which is important to the main company's core strategies.

In both cases I liked the people I interviewed with, they liked me, and I'd be working with some cool technologies. I think I'd do well in either environment. Now my problem is deciding which of these I will choose. Now *that* is a problem to have!

-- Badtux the Somewhat-relieved Penguin


  1. Indeed, what a "problem" to have. Hope the offers come through and you pick the "best" one.

  2. I went boating with low tech stuff, loved it.

  3. Terrible success problem. We're looking forward to your choice, and why.

  4. Can't keep a good penguin down...

  5. Fun to be in a small, growing company. The trick is to find one that actually grows.

    Big companies have a bit more security, but have lots and lots of rules and procedures and security and mandatory nonsense to sit through.

  6. Good points, Nangleator. I'm not sure how much further the small company can grow, that's something I'm going to discuss with their CEO this afternoon before making my final decision. And large companies typically have all those web filters and stuff at their periphery to make sure people can't do "unauthorized" things like, say, read and comment on their own blogs. Hmm...

    -- Badtux the Choosing Penguin

  7. Congrats, good to see you'll not lack for Herring (and cat food). We want to hear more of your adventure.

  8. large companies typically have all those web filters and stuff at their periphery to make sure people can't do "unauthorized" things like, say, read and comment on their own blogs. Hmm...

    Well, there ARE more important things than yabbering to us ghosts in the machine. Like making a living...

    My bias has always been to go with the Big. More room to move up, or sideways, on internal ladders. And if you get some seniority time in, more protective cushion via the "Last Hired, First Fired" rule. And if you are axed, it'll look better on your C.V. to have been at a Big.

  9. Good Luck, Penguin... given the job market, you're doing great.
    Under the LobsterScope

  10. Thanks, Jim, Bill.

    Bukko, things work different in the technology industry. If you've been in a large company for a while, they want to get rid of you as "too expensive" and give you successive poor performance evaluations then fire you. Or else they decide that your entire division is too full of expensive old farts and they lay you all off and move your work to China to be done by slave labor. Job security is a thing of the past for technology companies like Cisco or Intel, unless you're really good at sucking up to managers, something I've never been all that good at doing.

    -- Badtux the Realist Penguin


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