Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The art of the non-denial denial

Rand Paul states, "I never kidnapped a girl and I never forced a girl to use drugs." Of course, the woman never claimed that she was kidnapped or forced to use drugs. There is nothing in her statement to say that she didn't voluntarily (if perhaps a bit sheepishly) go along with Rand Paul and his buddies, perhaps because they said something along the lines of, "Hey, you want to do something hilarious? Here, put on this blindfold...." or something like that. In short, Rand Paul denied something that the woman never said. And he didn't say a darn thing about telling her to bow down to Aqua Buddha or merely encouraging her to use drugs...

And that, my friends, is the art of the non-denial denial :).

-- Badtux the Amused Penguin


  1. I'd bet my left nut he did it.

  2. Republicans are very good at the non-denial denial, just like they are at the non-apology apology and the non-truth truth.

    But then they are the party of NOTHING!

  3. "I did NOT have bong hits with that woman!"

    Too bad -- Runt sounds like he was a fun guy in college. Then he read "Atlas Stuttered" and all was lost. With a name like his, I guess it was fated. Parents, don't name your boy Adolf, or Pol, or Sue...

  4. Indeed, Rand is in precisely the same league with such luminaries as Adolf, Pol, Ted, John Wayne, Jeffrey, and just about any other murderous psychopath. They made her wet; she saw them as practicing the ultimate "freedom."

  5. Bukko, Runt was read Atlas Stuttered while still a fetus (thus his name, doh), there's nothing in Atlas Stuttered that says that bong hits and worshipping Aqua Buddha are incompatible with being a fine follower of the Ayn. Indeed, there's a saying that most Libertarians are simply Republicans who like smoking pot.

    Jolly, Ayn worshipped a different class of murderers, murderers who did not work for governments but, rather, for themselves, such as the group of wealthy gilded-age murderers who caused the Johnstown flood that killed over 2,000 innocent people for the pleasure of Andrew Carnegie and his cronies. Or like the asswhipe who owns Massey Energy who killed 29 people by running an unsafe mine. Those were Ayn's kind of people, not the more photogenic Hitlers and Pol Pots of the world...

    - Badtux the Non-libertarian Penguin

  6. If Dr. Ron and his wife had had a girl, would they have named her "Raynd"?


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