Thursday, August 05, 2010

Commie plots *everywhere*!

General Ripper knows the truth about flouridation, and now the Colorado Republican Party has identified the next Commie conspiracy against America: Bicycles.

Yes. Bicycles. Bet you didn't know you were riding a Commie plot to destroy America back when you were a kid riding your bicycle around your neighborhood, did you? That's why kids aren't allowed to ride bicycles nowdays without being swathed in so much gear that they can barely see and only if their parents are accompanying them -- the children! Oh the children! They must be protected from this vile and horrid Communist plot against America! And Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes says he's just the one to do it!

-- Badtux the Bicycling Penguin


  1. I keep my Commie plot stored in the basement when I'm not takin' it on the road.

  2. The best thing about not over protecting kids is it gets rid of some of them, there's too many monkeys on this rock anyway.

    I don't think that many would be interested in taking my 20 some year old three speed but we've done a lot of miles together.

  3. Helmets aren't a bad idea -- I took some brutal falls on bad roads as a kid and only luck kept me from breaking my head. (My husband rides our local mountain roads recreationally, and has taken a number of falls that left scars on his body and broken helmets. They work.)

    But the notion that bikes -- the epitome of inexpensive travel -- are somehow now Communist is... Never mind, I can't find a word that expresses my intense loathing at the concept.

  4. Remember those 50's romantic comedies where the characters were in real danger of being locked up as lunatics for muttering a few words to themselves, or stating that they saw something unusual... or just because something unusual happened near them?

    And now politicians are exploiting the fact that they can say absolutely anything at all, on camera, no matter how unhinged or demonstrably false... and there's no negative impact at all. They can say it every night on national news, and probably explain that they're lying their asses off, and it simply doesn't impact their careers in any negative way.

    Those 50's movie cops would arrest the whole country as insane, now.

  5. ::::holding head::::That kind of nutsiness gives me a headache.

  6. Gee, and the Republicans wonder why the thinking people think the R's are all nutcases.....

  7. The reason why nut cases can utter such bollocks with no consequence is because there are lot of average Americans who are just as loony. (Although many of the extreme craziest are rejected at the polls, like the ones running for state offices in Alabama with the nutty TV ads ridiculed by Olbermann and Maddow.) As long as a large number of people are do not believe in science and logic, and the meeja is too milquetoast to call them idiots, they'll have the soapbox.


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