Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BP and U.S. government colluding to protect BP?

Naw, it must be just a coincidence that independent researchers are being blocked from evaluating the effects of the Gulf blowout. Because the Obama administration is an eeeevil soshalist government thingy that hates big business, which is why they're making sure that nobody can independently refute BP and the U.S. government's claims about how peachy-keen everything in the Gulf is now that the well is capped...

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  1. Am I missing something? It's been four months since 11 men died in an industrial accident on the DWH. No fines have been issued, no companies have been subjected to pressure, aside from some bad publicity that was ultimately pointless. No fines have been paid by BP for the millions of barrels of oil and methane (the other meth!) that killed an ecosystem. The feckless Hopey Administration hasn't done squat. The $20 billion reparations fund (which is actually $5 billion a year for four years, which assumes that BP isn't going to welsh on that after Year 2) looks like a ceiling, not a floor.

    For the first couple months after the disaster, I kept telling my right-wing mother to sell her 400-odd shares of BP stock because I was convinced the company would be driven out of business. No way could a company do something so egregious and devastating and still survive! So I thought in my naivete.

    But in Sovok America, you can do whatever you want to if you're big and powerful enough. Just like in Sovok USSovokRia, where anthrax factories could blow up and kill untold numbers of people. I wonder if Chernobyl melted down now, and the corporate propaganda organs decided to spin it to keep it quiet, would they succeed?


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