Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Markos Moulitsas is the world's dumbest political operative

Just got an email from ole' Commodore Markos today where he comes out for doing away with the filibuster. WTF? Does he not recall the Bushevik years, where the filibuster was often the only thing between America and utter disaster at the hands of idiot Republican majorities? There's something to be said for making the filibuster harder (WTF is this modern stuff about simply saying "I filibuster!" and that's it? Even Strom Thurmond had to don a diaper and pontificate from the Senate floor for several days to filibuster civil rights legislation!), but doing away with the filibuster is not something that makes me feel good about the future of the United States -- especially since the composition of the Senate is profoundly undemocratic, giving small Republican-dominated states a larger voice than they should have. Way to guarantee Republican domination, Commodore Markos!

-- Badtux the PoliSci Penguin


  1. You have a point about the philly buster. But world's dumbest? Wow - there's some stiff competition out there.


  2. We like the filibuster when we can use it and dislike the filibuster when the other fellow uses it. What to do? What to do?

  3. I don't mind a real filibuster. What we have is pretend and threatening.
    Call their stinking bluff, make them stand up for their asshole beliefs.
    Pull a Jeff Smith and talk straight through the night. It would never happen. Those pussies couldn't go an hour without alcohol.

  4. Your point here is one of the reasons I like Glenn Greenwald. He is continually pointing out how the Democraps, and their woofing supporters like the Kos-sacks, now cheer when Obama does the same things that the hated Bush did, like expand war, deny justice to terror suspects, and keep the torture-prison apparatus operating. Partisan hacks are disgusting hypocrites, no matter which side of the factional divide they're on.

  5. Indeed, Markos was condemning Republican threats of the "nuclear option" against the filibuster back when Republicans had the majority, and now he wants to get rid of it? Partisan hackery, pure and simple...

    - Badtux the Non-hack Penguin

  6. Cute lil graph here of the increase in use by the rethugs


  7. Indeed, like I said, clearly filibusters are too easy. But the solution is to make them filibuster old-school style with diapers and all, not to eliminate the filibuster.

  8. MM is, to put it kindly, a fucking idiot, a stooge, what they used to call, back in the day, a *useful* idiot. How this dumbass sleeps at night I cannot fathom. At least you know where the right-wing idiots stand (on the wrong side of everything, just like Obama.)

    MM stands for nothing, though he's down on his knees a lot licking the assholes of his masters. The man should be flogged, though that would be an insult to people who enjoy being flogged.

  9. That's one of the reasons why I don't link to his blog: I think he is a stooge.

  10. Yea, I got the same e-mail. I don't understand the logic of nuking the filibuster, and it's not explained in the e-mail.

  11. I'd rather just get rid of the Senate, myself. And I'm serious.



  12. I say get rid of the filibuster. Because the GOP is basically a party of radical lemmings, as soon as they have 41 votes, they filibustered EVERYTHING.

    The Dems with even 51 votes or 59 votes seem unable to stop the GOP agenda from happening. They very rarely filibustered in the minority, and even when they did, some noise from the right-wing noise machine known as the MSM made them quickly fold.

    So the filibuster is really only a tool for the GOP in minority. The Dems are too wimpy or too in bed with special interests to ever use it anyway, so the Dems lose nothing by getting rid of it. So let's toss it.

    If we didn't have the filibuster, think of all the great things that might have stood a chance to pass this past two years. Now think, if the Dems didn't have the filibuster in the Bush years, well, we still would have gotten exactly the same shit, because they never used it anyway.

  13. I think Markos wants to implement this law:

    if democrats control house + senate, then eliminate filibuster

    else reinstate filibuster

    The filibuster is fine. Convince some more people you are right and you won't have to worry about it.


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