Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another creep

So I got some email from an Arizona Republican who wants my vote:

“While SB 1070 is not a panacea for illegal immigration, it is one of several tools at our disposal,” says Conservative Republican Bill Montgomery, who’s running for Maricopa County Attorney in the August 24, 2010, primary election. “I fully support SB 1070 and its full and fair enforcement

My reply:

I am not interested in receiving emails from bigots and liars. Please remove my email address from your list.

Yes, I was feeling polite today :).

-- Badtux the Polite Penguin


  1. Arizona?

    I thought you were in CA.


  2. I am but a wandering penguin...

    - Badtux the Mobile Penguin

  3. I wrote about this shit before, when you don't send their stuff back or with a note of no thanks. Some of these pricks take you off the voter registry. You would never know it.
    They petition the board an say your not illegible. I'm just saying, you might want to check before elections.

  4. Given that I'm *already* not registered to vote in Arizona (because I no longer live there, doh!), good luck to them taking me off the voter registration lists in Arizona :). It just pisses me off that they are spamming that shit to anybody who's ever donated anything to any political party in Arizona trying to get money out of ya...

    -- Badtux the Peeved Penguin

  5. Why do they even bother spamming you for money like some Nigerian bank scam artist? After the "Corporations United" Supreme Court decision, candidates don't need the piddling amounts they can collect from mere humans.

    Maybe the begging is a sign that candidate so-n-so is not favoured by the corporate PTB. So if they're wheedling, maybe they're deserving. Of maybe they just want us to THINK that! Oh, the games within games that these politicians (or my fevered brain) can play...

  6. I have been having fun with all the "surveys" they have been sending with a begging section at the end. If they send a prepaid envelope I will send my answers along with a check off for $500 or $1000 from my credit card without giving my card information. They will send it back at least once with a prepaid and a sweet note saying you forgot something. In the meantime they have given my name to another GOP fundraising group who sends me something that I can return if they give me a prepaid. I like to support my local post office.

  7. Wicked funny, Montag! When I used to live in the U.S., I'd always send postage-paid return envelopes back as harassment. Make the fcukers pay a little postage back to the USPS as a punishment for junking my mailbox. Usually empty, sometimes with snarky messages scrawled in Sharpie, with the lead foils from expensive bottles of wine if it was a particularly odious organization like Repiglickins.

    But I never thought to use the pre-paid come-on as a lure to make them waste even MORE time and money! I thought I was smart 'n' nasty, but you're a freakin' genius!

    Too bad that almost no one in Australia did that. The concept of postage-paid return envelopes barely seemed to exist there. The few times I'd get one, it wasn't from an organisation that I detested enough to ding. Canada uses fewer pre-paid 'lopes than the U.S. too. And I haven't ginned up enough ire against anything in this country to wanna play that game.

    Now if realtors started doing it in this housing bubble economy up here, THAT would be a different story.


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