Sunday, August 15, 2010

Busy penguin

You may have noticed not much blogging at the moment. This is because I spent Friday doing phone screens with four different employers, and will be doing on-site interviewing with two of them, and there is a *ton* of prep that I need to do for these interviews so that I don't look like an idiot...

- Badtux the Stressed Penguin


  1. Best of luck with the interviews.

  2. Yeah - it's weird enough just looking like a penguin.

    Knock their webbed feet off!


  3. May the Great Penguin smile upon your efforts.

  4. Good luck. I hate job interviews. hate, hate, hate.

  5. I always said that if you are going to work for an idiot it should be yourself, strike out on your own, it always worked for me.

    But I turn down most work anymore, just returned from a three day camping trip on my boat.

  6. May some serious good luck come yuor way. Especially if it's a job that you really want.

  7. Might wanna wash that fish smell off yer flappers before darkening their doorstep. And try not to flap yer beak too much. That never did much for Batman's nemesis.

    Oh, and good luck!

  8. I actually enjoy job interviews, at least during the times when I still have a job while I'm looking for a new one. It gives me a chance to show off how smart I am, or at least how smart I pretend to be. It's also an opportunity to quiz potential bosses and see how their outfit works compared to wherever I am at present. I walk in with an attitude of "I'm interviewing YOU as much as vice versa." The confidence helps me get the job.

    Of course, I can say that with ease in my current medical racket, where new jobs and countries to work in are easy to come by. I realize it sucks bigtime to be looking for work in most other fields. I regret that the rest of youse cannot feel the lack of pressure I have in my life. If I were a follower of Bob Dobbs in the Church of the Sub Genius, I'd say that I've got slack in my life! Blessed be the Slack.

  9. Crap, maybe I ought to change careers, Bukko. Well, probably not...

    Dope: A shower before interviewing is definitely called for! But flapping my beak is what they're paying me for, more or less, so I'll continue doing that :).

    Rest of youse guys: Thanks. You're all a great bunch. Except you, BBC. Okay, I was just being snarky there :).

    - Badtux the Job-hunting Penguin

  10. Best of luck. Any company can use a good penguin. They should be deluging your ice floe at the very thought that you might be available to work for them.

  11. best of luck
    and somehow i know you are never an idiot

  12. No point changing careers even if you wanted to, Tux. The medical system will eventually go down, especially in the U.S. "Austerity" means "don't spend so much money keeping old people alive." Which means fewer jobs in the medical industrial complex.

    That's one of several reasons we didn't come back to the U.S., because the seemingly safe field I'm in will not be so stable. I even worried that leaving Oz, where I had four years of seniority, would put me out on a limb in the new country. I reckon I'll have a few years of time here before austerity starts to bite. Might insulate me somewhat. If it ever gets to the point where mass layoffs in socialized medicine hospitals start happening, all bets for social stability will be off at that point anyway.

    If I can give one bit of career advice to anyone, it's this: Learn how to grow food.

  13. Blessings from the goddess -- and Bukko's right: as a former manager and oftime interviewer, ye who ask lots of informed questions come off best in an interview.

    But luck plays a part. Good luck.


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