Thursday, August 12, 2010

No racism here, nosiree!

When I was a youngster in the segregated South, it was common to hear something along the lines of, "those niggers are just violent and lazy, we ought to send them all back to Africa" from the sort of people who, well, regularly frolicked in the woods at night while wearing bedsheets and burning crosses. The more genteel amongst them would state, "Negros are not happy here in the United States, so we should help them emigrate back to Africa where they can be amongst their own kind, it's only the Christian thing to do." Yeppers, how Christian... no racism here, nosiree, nevermind the frolicking in the woods in bedsheets thing!

So now we hear from the rabid right the same damned thing, just a different ethnicity filling in the blanks:

The most compassionate thing we can do for Muslims who have already immigrated here is to help repatriate them back to Muslim countries, where they can live in a culture which shares their values, a place where they can once again be at home, surrounded by people who cherish their deeply held ideals.

No racism here, nosiree, just good Christian compassion for those heathen niggersMuslims! Can anybody doubt why EBM now refers to the Republican Party as "the Party of the Confederacy"?

-- Badtux the Racism-sniffin' Penguin


  1. Yeppers know what you mean.. I lived in Gulfport Miss.back in 69.
    Things were a little racist back then for sure. Your analogy is right on the money. We should make them wear sheets.

  2. Seems like some people want a country comprised of "us" and no "them".

    I really believe that this the message that Barack is trying to send to the left that somebody has to start compromising and forget the end game approach to government. If Ghandi was alive today and covered in the same manner as Barack how foolish would he look? If all of us on the left desire the right to continue to look smaller then we should all be reaching out our hands out to them and proudly showing our bloody fingers that are the result of trying to compromise. Look, we can always strengthen the laws on the books which have been watered down by trying bipartisanship but we cannot continue to fight. Afghanistan, Iraq show very well that fighting produces nothing but loss of lives and treasure.

  3. The problem, Lahru, is that compromising in evil results in evil. To obtain civil rights for African-Americans we could not compromise with those who wished to continue the evils of racism and bigotry. We had to say, unambiguously, "No, that is wrong," and back it up with the guns of the 101st Airborne. There are many things that reasonable men can disagree on and find compromises about, but, to invoke Godwin: do you believe that the appropriate response of the Jewish community to Hitler's "Final Solution" should have been an attempt to find a compromise? What would that compromise have looked like -- only *half* the Jews exterminated, rather than *all* the Jews? And how moral would such a compromise be?

    -- Badtux the Morality Penguin

  4. Gee, I bet we could get some Amerindians on board to send all the Euro-trash Christians back to their "own kind and culture", too! Oh...what's that? Don't bring up logic and apply the same technique to "them"?

    I never get to have any real fun.

  5. Lahru, I am a lesbian. I cannot compromise with people whose position is that I am less than they are and that my relationships have no value.

    Good people can reach compromises. I see damn few good people remaining in the old GOP as they are being replaced by the modern confederates.

    They are evil and when confronted with evil, one can either close one's eyes to the evil or resist.
    Compromising with the party of the Confederacy is akin to closing one's eyes to evil.


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