Monday, August 30, 2010

Illegal immigrant crimelord caught!

A major illegal immigrant crime lord has been arrested. This illegal immigrant is notoriously vicious, known for beheading his enemies as he tried to assert control over a major drug cartel. But don't bother listening for Glen Beck or Lou Dobbs to use this guy as an example of why all illegal immigrants are criminals who should be rounded up and put into concentration camps... because "La Barbie" is an American, who committed his crimes in Mexico.

Yeppers. "La Barbie" is an illegal alien... in Mexico. The United States is the source of the guns, money, and in some cases even the manpower, that fuels the drug cartels in Mexico that have turned life down there into a living hell for many Mexicans. But for some reason ole' Weepy ain't so interested in that problem. Huh, go figger...

-- Badtux the Bedsheet-glimpsin' Penguin

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