Wednesday, August 04, 2010


The Misfit has the word. And it ain't happy happy fun time.

-- Badtux the Waddling Penguin


  1. Thanks for the link on Misfit comments, Tux. Just about everything from the eXile (or its post-Russian incarnation) is worth reading. I'm not saying Canuckrainina is PERFECT (and Australia was better, but I'm just a prejudiced Aussiephile). It sucks to be poor anywhere.

    But at least in the latter two countries, there's an official policy of TRYING to help people who have hit the skids. They don't have one major political faction -- and a large segment of the nation's population -- screeching "FUCK THOSE POOR PEOPLE! LET THEM DIE!" In Canada and Australia, poor people can get medical care, dole money and some social services without a begrudging attitude.

    And I will continue to pat myself on the back. It makes me feel better about all the trouble I've gone to in the past five years, hauling my arse and all our bourgeois possessions back and forth across the Pacific Ocean. I'm probably just whistling past the graveyard where there's a waiting hole with my name already on it, but I like to think I've dodged the axeman...

  2. BTW, what was Canadian about that article? (It was so good I'm going to post links to it elsewhere on doomer blogs.) I know it had a "Canada" tag on it, but I couldn't find any Canajun-specific references. The only nationality I saw mentioned was one reference to American.


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