Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It is 101F in Santa Clara, CA

And it is 88F inside my house, thanks to the thermal mass of a bunch of masonry for the fireplace and the tile base in the bathroom. I shut up the house at 7AM this morning, when it was 66F inside after the window fans had been running all night pulling outside air through the house. The sad thing is that even 88F feels good compared to the outside temperature...

-- Badtux the Overheated Penguin


  1. Congratulations! Which job did you pick?

  2. I love it when it's hot, I sit under my apple tree and enjoy it. Or go boating.

  3. Hell, you ought to try spending one summer in central Virginia. This is my thirteenth, and I'm still not used to this combination of heat and humidity.

    I grew up in New England, I'm not cut out for this...

  4. We were at 106° today before 2pm. I was afeared to check after that.

    "I'm melting, melting...what a world..."

  5. Never mind the "My part of the world is hotter than yours" folks. It takes time to get used to hot weather, and we've switched from a cool summer to a hot one here in the Bay Area from one day to the next.

    Thanks to good insulation, I've managed to keep my South Bay house at 80F, though that does require closing all the blinds to keep the sunshine out. Oh, well, fewer distractions to keep me from writing my thesis. :-)

  6. You got that straight Minerva. Three nights ago it was 50F at midnight and I turned on the furnace to keep the indoor temperature from falling below 65F (below 65F my blanket and quilt don't keep me warm enough, I'm a cold sleeper), and then last night it was midnight and still 78F outside. Talk about your wild temperature swings...

    I assume you have air conditioning, though, if your interior temperature is 80F... wish that was true here!

    - Badtux the Overheated Penguin

  7. No AC, just a well-insulated house.


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