Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going to the beach....

It's too friggin' hot to hang around here.

Edit at 7:30PM: And I'm *BACK*. The wind shifted and it's now 75F at my duplex, after getting up past 95F by 1PM. Here, have some birds... the full-size pic would make a great screen background. - Badtux the overheated Penguin


  1. We were talking to a friend who lives in the Diamond Heights section of normally cool S.F. and it was 90 in her back garden. Meanwhile, here in Vacouverainia, it's Goldilocks. Not too hot during the summer, not too cold during winter (just dark and rainy, but that's still better than snow.)

    I feel guilty for escaping to such a non-stressful clime. I also felt guilty for buggering out of the U.S. and spending the final years of the Cheeney Administration in the "no worries" atmosphere of Australia. And I feel guilty for having sold our house at the peak of the real estate bubble, and for Mrs. Bukko cashing in her Cali. state government pension when it was still worth something. I feel guilty for all the moves I've made which seemed risky at the time, but now leave me comfortable while other people are scared and suffering.

    Not that I'm gonna take those moves back, though. Good luck, you unfortunados.

  2. I love sticking my feet in the warm sand at the beach.

  3. Mmmm, the beaches along the California that are easily accessible from the South Bay often have interesting geology, too. I've seen rocks folded, earthquake faults, fossilized sand dunes, a coal seam, turbidites (deposits from ancient undersea avalanches), storm-generated shell hash deposits, and of course columns of seacliff either ready to fall or already fallen.

    It got up to 82F in my closed-up house today, but since the in-house low was 77F overnight, I'm not too surprised. Of course, that was the downstairs temperature. Hot enough that I wish I had air conditioning, but not intolerable. However, tonight I've got all the windows open and the cool breeze is slowly lowering the inside temperature. Now my excellent insulation works against me.

  4. I saw "turd bites" where Minerva wrote "turbidites." I like my misperception better. Although I wouldn't want to bite it.


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