Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why everybody should vote for Obama

The Mccainiacs put out commercials and videos full of lies and hate. The Obama campaign puts out videos like... this.

For what it's worth, I share Mr. Alexander's opinion of young people today. They're a pragmatic bunch, they were born into a collapsing nation where their future was likely to be grimmer than their parents or grandparents' before them and they had no time for all the starry-eyed nonsense of older generations, but they also have a practical idealism about them that's very down to earth and caring. They seem to "get it" instinctively that the Republican bullshit about "everybody for themselves" is a zero-sum game and that we're going to have to pull together and help each other out if we're going to survive the shitstorm that's coming. I just don't like the feeling I get that I have to apologize to them for the shitty situation we older generations are handing them...

-- Badtux the Hopeful Penguin

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