Friday, October 31, 2008

A Halloween guest cat

This cat's name is "Bad Luck". He is a working cat. He keeps the rat population in control at the desert watering hole / restaurant where he works, as well as bringing down the starlings (who are *not* native to the desert) to keep their population under control. During meal times he also works by prowling under the tables on the outside porches of this desert watering hole to clean up any food that the meal-eaters drop either accidentally or on purpose (e.g. when they brought me eggs and *bacon* rather than the eggs and *sausage* that I had ordered, a couple of chunks of bacon somehow managed to find their way down Bad Luck's mouth). He seems to be doing quite well for himself, he has a little bit of a pot belly now, but you still find the feathers and fur of his kills in the vicinity from time to time showing that he hasn't forgotten his main duty.

-- Badtux the Cat-blogging Penguin

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