Saturday, October 18, 2008

A lazy sunny Saturday

It was a beautiful day here in the South San Francisco Bay area. The doors and windows were open all day and the cats took turns dreaming the day away on the patio then snoozing on my lap for a while. I went out and ate some pho at the local pho place for lunch. Then I got my KLR out of storage and drained the old gas out of the carb, put fresh gas in, and took it riding to test out the new seat I got for it, a second-hand seat from a 2008 KLR-650 to replace the old one that had a couple of holes on it. They apparently redesigned the seat in 2008, because it's much firmer than my 2002 seat, and a bit flatter -- it doesn't try to jam me into the gas tank so much. The downside is that it's also taller than the earlier seat. If I hadn't lowered my KLR by 1 inch, I'd have trouble with it. Still, it seems to work better than the old seat, and it's not so freakin' *wide* as the Corbin seat is, which makes the Corbin seat a pain offroad because it interferes with standing on the pegs.

So anyhow, I went down to Road Rider and got a new shield for my old Arai Astral, which I have decided is a much better helmet than the Arai Vector that Arai replaced it with. Typical, someone comes out with a great product, then they have to fuck it up with the next revision. Compared to the V-Strom the KLR feels much lighter and much more flickable in tight parking lots and such, the V-Strom is a long load, the KLR has a short dirtbike wheelbase. That makes it a great city bike, but also is why it gets tiring on the highway. After getting the new shield I headed over to the public library and checked out a couple of Carl Hiassen's novels and headed home. I just finished one of them -- Nature Girl -- and it was a hoot.

At this point you may be wondering, what is the point of this message? But of course there is no point. Which is the point. Soon enough I'm going to be dead, either from someone smacking into me as I ride one of my motorcycles, or from old age 40 years from now, it's all just an eyeblink in the lifetime of the universe and a hundred years from now no one will remember my name. But like most people I've gotten into the habit of living, and will continue doing so, one day at a time, point or no point. That's what people do, even people who are penguins.

-- Badtux the Pointless Penguin


  1. penguins deserve to be aimless now and then also

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  3. Lazy days are good for our souls. ;)

  4. Dusty's right. I had a lazy morning, laying in bed not wanting to disturb the the cats sleeping on me. They're my laziness mentors.

  5. I enthusiastically endorse the role of cats as laziness mentors.

    Sometimes it's just right to slow down for a day. I probably need to do it more often. I'm glad that you- and the felines- enjoyed.

  6. Well, I just returned from four aimless days of camping.

    I went to be alone, happiness is camping without a woman that wants to be shopping or empire building.

    Screw everything.


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