Thursday, October 09, 2008

And the mud continues...

Today, from World Nut Daily, I found out that OMG Ayers forced a girl into his college dorm room forty years ago and forced her to have sex with a NEGRO!

Now, mind you, all this happened (if it really happened -- this reads like one of those tall tales where 40 years after the fact someone comes forth to make some claim after being paid to do so) 40 years before Obama first met Ayers as a casual acquaintance who served on some of the same boards and such. But I guess the intent is "Obama is an oversexed NEGRO who wants to RAPE your little girls!" or somethin' like that.

Wow. Can these guys be any more transparent? They remind me of the townfolk in the New Sheriff scene from Blazing Saddles. Wow.

At least McCain didn't try to pull this nonsense at the debate. But his surrogates sure are pouring it on today. And meantime Helicopter Ben is having to airdrop money from heaven (or his printing presses, okay) because Paulson is moving too slow and cautiously to deal with the current crisis...

-- Badtux the "Racism, anyone?" Penguin


  1. oh wait till next debate -- mccain will pour it on

    but will obama go down the palin/mccain terror path --

  2. Holy cow, did they just went down that route? This is worse than anything that Rove did (or is he on as a consultant now?). This is a full out attempt to use xenophobia and now racism to distract the voters.

    I guess when a campaign cannot win on the issues that matter the most to the voters, the only thing that can be done is to try to distract.

  3. Yes, Terrant, they went there. Every time I wonder how low McCain and his surrogates can go, they find a new low to go to.

  4. The Oklahoma governor brought up Obama's past use of drugs yesterday, urging him to "come clean" on it. Wonder when Cindy Lou Who will come clean on her prescription drug abuse? Or we'll all remember that our current President is a recovering alcoholic.


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