Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oh fire up the Waaahmbulance!

Jihad Watch (no link, I don't link to hate groups) is apparently upset that they've been classified as a "hate site" by various web filtering services. We only post real news stories, they say.

Let's for the moment ignore the fact that Jihad Watch also posts editorial material depicting Muslims as shifty, shady ignorant savages who want to kill us all. By their logic, if I linked to a site called “JewWatch” that details the crimes of Jews, posting any news story anywhere that shows a Jew committing a crime, I guess according to their logic I’m not linking to a racist site. Heil! And I suppose a site called NegroWatch wouldn’t be racist either, because after all, those darkies did commit all those crimes, all NegroWatch is doing is collecting the news reports all in one place. Nosiree, no racism there, no sir . And a site that posts only news stories that show Muslims committing a crime is somehow different than linking to a site that details the crimes of Jews or blacks because, well, just because. Alrighty, then!

Let's face it: a web site called "JihadWatch" is as disgusting as a web site called "JewWatch", and for the same reason. Yes, some members of those two respective religions have committed crimes. But there's one and only one reason to focus on only one religion's crimes, and that's if you're trying to whip up a good ole' fashioned Kristallnacht, presumably to be followed by the gas chambers.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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