Thursday, October 02, 2008

How to pack a 150 pound deer into a BMW Z4 convertible

Warning: Do not click on this link if you are in any way squeamish or have difficulty with seeing guts and blood spewed all over the place.

You'll never believe where this deer ended up...

Once you're done with that, here's a great recipe for Penne with Chicken and Pesto. Yum!

-- Badtux the Gruesome Penguin


  1. Ohhh... Fuck. I think I just became a vegetarian.

    How did you even find that?

  2. There was a discussion on a motorcycle forum about how to handle the problem of deer jumping out in front of your motorcycle. It's a big problem, a famous motorcycle safety expert was killed a few months back when a deer jumped out in front of his motorcycle, for example. One tongue-in-cheek solution proposed was "get your friend with a BMW Z4 convertible to drive ahead of you to sweep the deer off the road". And a link to this photostream.

    Yeah, motorcyclists can be a bit... morbid :-).

    -- Badtux the Motorcycling Penguin

  3. The autobahn - not for the squeamish.


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