Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Apple released a new Macbook today with nVidia graphics that are up to 5x faster than my old-skool Macbook's graphics (which are so slow that I can't play many games). And I can't have it :-(. (I'm tapped out until April for a number of reasons).

But then I read the specs and I can't use it anyhow, because Apple removed the Firewire port. Way to go, Apple. Guess I'll have to keep using my old-skool Macbook until Apple comes out with a new Macbook that has a Firewire port again, no matter how many years that takes. So nyah, take that, Apple!

-- Badtux the Geeky Penguin


  1. And here I was, hoping this was another broadside against the republicans... :-)

    What is a Firewire port, BTW?

  2. My 10-day-old Black MacBook is officially obsolete now.

    I'm not even sure how to process that information. But I love it so much that I don't care.

  3. Yossi: Firewire is how you hook an audio-visual camera up to a MacBook so you can make videos.

    TDP: Yeah, I feel the same way about my white MacBook, though it's about seven months old rather than 10 days old. It's the perfect computer for what I use it for -- compact, and with every feature I need.

    - Badtux the Geeky Penguin

  4. Well, you haven't even asked the most important question:


    See bottom of comic.


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