Friday, October 10, 2008

Down in the mud

McCain pounding away on the Ayers thing. A guy that Obama has met maybe two dozen times in the course of ten years of living in the same neighborhood, who is at best a casual acquaintance that Obama hasn't talked to in over three years... but I guess when you're 11 points down in the polls and people don't believe you are the one to fix the economy, there's not a whole lot to do but go down into the mud and start squealing like a pig. Or worse. McCain/Palin campaign rallies are taking on the eery semblance to a Nazi hate rally, about the only thing that hasn't happened there is McCain howling "Kill the nigger! Kill the nigger!".

Oh yeah, about that economy. Stock markets worldwide collapse. So much for my diversifying by holding international stocks as well as domestic stocks, they're all down. One of Japan's life insurers collapses due to the assets in its investment portfolio turning into pumpkins. Auto dealer floorplan lending drying up meaning that auto dealerships, no longer able to roll over their floorplan lending from month to month as they wait for the cars on their lots to sell, will end up going under instead. Giant international companies forced to sell off major assets at fire sale prices because the locked-up credit markets mean they can no longer roll over their short-term bonds. And the thing we should be worried about is... some guy Obama barely knows?! Alrighty, then!

And oh yeah, that evil supervillain The Gay Agenda has shot another victim with his gay ray of gayness -- The Connecticut Supreme Court, which rules that gays have the right to marry in Connecticut. Oh the horror! Why, if gays can get married in Connecticut, why, why... Connecticutians might have exquisitely coifed hair and fine furnishings within their lovingly decorated homes! And the live theatre. OMG, the live theatre. Horror, oh horror!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I really wish people would quit insulting pigs. Lipstick on a pig, pigs in the mud, unnecessary pork, sows ear... Really, pigs are not the problem. Hairless monkeys are the problem. When hairless monkeys run out of ideas, they start slinging mud. When pigs run out of ideas, they just take a nap.

  2. Oh dude, if you have older Japanese fans they're probably not going to like the pumpkin thing.


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