Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Water is the new gold

California Water District cutting water deliveries by 85% due to global-warming-caused drought. Of course, water woes are not new to California. In the early part of the 20th century, the City of Los Angeles turned the "Switzerland of California" into waterless desert by stealing all their water via underhanded activities. But this is a disaster that is unprecedented in California history, because this basically kills irrigation for agricultural uses. Expect much higher prices for vegetables next spring and summer...

-- Badtux the Watery Penguin


  1. Yep, you ain't lying dude. It will be as important as oil here in Cali.

  2. Long time Santa Barbarians are now wanting that $6Mil DeSal plant back.

  3. if they can be grown at all. the gorgeous tomato, brocolli, and lettuce fields of the imperial valley are mostly gone over to sudan grass, burmuda, and other seed crops due to l.a. and san diego sucking off the water. the cities are paying more for the water, the farmers are selling the water at a higher premium than they can sell crops.

  4. Who needs water? I will send you some oil from Texas everyone can drink.


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