Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Only the deaths of Americans count

And one of those lefty liberal bleeding hearts is irate about that.

But oh come on now. Getting upset about the deaths of Iraqis is like getting upset about the death of insects when we spray pesticides on our crops. It's not as if they're really *human*. Like those insects they're just vermin sitting on top of a resource we want to harvest and thus okay to exterminate. I mean, it's *our* oil now!

- Badtux the Freeper Penguin


  1. Freeper penguin? Is your ice floe melting and are you looking for a new place to rest your flippers?

  2. Howdy, Mr. Heretik! This here be Bubba the Suthern Penguin. Yessiree, I'm visitin' my cousin Badtux's house agin 'cause Darlene done thrown me out again 'cause I was teachin' her a lesson, like, and well it got out of hand with the rope and all, but anyhow, yessiree, if I'm a'readin' that thare he-man he-roic site Free Republic dot Com and my cousin Bad Tux is around, why, his IQ just drops right on down thare into the ground and he becums a Freeper just like me! It doesn't last, unfortunately, sooner or later his IQ comes back up, but looksee, all ya gotta do is go to and you, too, will know that the Iraqis are just roaches on top of our oil and it's no more murder to kill'em than it is murder to kill roaches in your kitchen!

    - Bubba the Suthern Penguin

  3. Is that what "roach-clips" are for?


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