Friday, July 08, 2005

The best medical care in the world?

Maybe if you're rich. If you're not, you might as well just go home to die.

How come I never hear of stories like this coming out of Canada, or France, or any other Western nation? Well, DOH! They have universal health care coverage, thus poor people in those countries aren't funneled to emergency rooms in public hospitals where they could possibly wait for days to see a doctor.

Then there's the example of six months for knee surgery that always comes up when someone whines about how some specialties in Canada are underserved. How about *NEVER* for knee surgery? That's the reality for poor people in America today. Heck, my grandfather went for six years needing hip replacement surgery, until there was virtually nothing left of his hip bone. It wasn't until he finally was old enough to qualify for Medicare that he got the hip surgery he needed -- which was extremely risky because so much of the bone was destroyed, and he ended up dying from it. Why should my grandfather have been given a death sentence for the crime of being poor?

But I forget, working hard for all your life isn't good enough. If you work hard all your life, like my grandfather did, and you still can't afford health care, why, you deserve to die... even though that's not true in any other Western nation.

Ooops. But I forget. Poor people are "them", some other tribe of hairless monkeys. So it's okay to hoot and screech and throw feces at them because, like, it's not like they're REAL people like you and me, they're just, like, these disgusting OTHER, ick! Hooo hooo hooo SCREECH! [SPLAT!]

- Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


  1. What's the life of one man compared to the profits of insurance companies? It's not like he was a fetus.

  2. It depends on where the patient lives and what care they are able to get to. Yes, the ERs are busy and they see the patients, usually, in the manner of who has the worst emergency. They are usually triaged and need is determined. However, I haven't worked in the business for almost 10 years, so it may have changed, here, too. In the smaller towns, there are hospitals, some folks claim, they would never want to be admitted to. I do know that most of the docs(emergency) and nurses do care, worry, and do their best for their patients. Though, I guess, they are limited by their hospital administrators. I don't know.. It's sad when we can't get the best medical care for everyone when our president has been proclaimed to be the "leader of the free world".


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