Monday, July 11, 2005

Nasty liberals stab soldiers in back

Some people wonder about why it is that liberals protesting the war in Iraq is so harmful to our soldiers. Those people just are ignorant of history. Look, we all know that Vietnam was lost because those nasty "liberals" was killing our soldiers. Why, every time they held one of them thare "anti-war protests", it was, like, bullets spewing into the flesh of our brave men in uniform!

I can see it now. Platoon C is hiking through the Mekong Delta, looking for slopes. Suddenly the radio officer shouts "Incoming!" as from the radio comes the sounds of Jane Fonda saying "POW's who claim they were tortured by the North Vietnamese are liars!". "I'm hit, I'm hit!" calls Corporal Longman as he falls writhing to the rice paddy. "Where are you hit?" calls the corpsman, pulling out his medical kit. "She hurt my feelings!" Corporal Longman cries. "This is serious," says the corpsman, pulling out a huge needle and a scalpal. "I think I'm going to have to operate."

The radioman shouts "Incoming!" again. The radio blares out Muhammad Ali saying , "I ain't got no quarrel with them Viet Cong. Ain't no Vietnamese ever called me nigger."

"I'm hit!" calls Private Ryan as he falls writhing to ground. "Oh no!" shouts the corpsman, "where are you hit!" "I'm hit in my racial identity, I'm from the Detroit projects, sir!" The corpsman pulls out a huge compress to stem the bleeding, and says "Oh dear, this might be fatal. Radioman, call for medical evac, stat!"

Repeat for every platoon in Vietnam, and you can see that those dastardly liberals were *personally* responsible for thousands of deaths of our brave soldiers in Vietnam!

So now, just like in Vietnam, those nasty liberals are at it again. So that commie ex-soldier Kos over at Daily Kos says, "Support our troops, bring them home!" And somewhere in Iraq, a crusty old sergeant of 26 years of age grasps his heart, and keels over, feelings fatally hurt by this assault upon his mission, and a medic shakes his head in sorrow at the evil of those dastardly liberals. It happens, over and over, as those dastardly liberal commie terrorist sympathizers continue to refuse to properly obey and worship our Glorious Leader and refuse to support His holy war in the holy land, and it'll cause us to lose this war too, mark my word!

Oh, and those Vietnamese bullets? And those Iraq bullets and IED's and stuff? Have nothing to do with our soldiers dying, nosirree! It's all those LIBRUL'S fault!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. It's not as simple as liberals and conservatives. You can be on the left or the right and support our troops. There’s confusion when one displays a “Support Our Troops” bumpsticker or ribbon implying that they “Support President Bush.” There’s no debate that all Americans should support our men and women deployed oversees. And many parents dread the thought of their child going off to war. However, promotion of support for our fighting forces does not lead to an endorsement of the policies of George Bush. wishes there were two bumpstickers for differentiation: “Support Our Troops - Support Bush” and “Support Our Troops - Vote Against Bush.”

  2. Why are you so shocked to learn the ugly, ugly truth, Penguin? We're losing this war, NOT because our "President" and his entire hand-picked cabal of liars, thieves and murderers have been lying from the very start about the reasons for going to war; NOT because they believed their own line of horseshit about the Iraqis welcoming us as liberators and thus woefully failed to plan for the war's aftermath; and NOT because our treatment of prisoners and suspects has violated every ideal this country claims to stand for and created hordes of new terrorists eager for a chance to kill us.

    Nope, the real reason we're losing this war is because YOU HAVEN'T BEEN CLAPPING HARD ENOUGH.

    You're welcome.

  3. The strategy is to play the troops against those who oppose the war. That's the lesson that the hawks learned from Vietnam. You hear a thousand stories about people spitting on soldiers, about Jane Fonda's antics, and you hear very little of the much more common sentiment of the day, which was simply, "Bring the boys home!"

    In Vietnam, almost everyone had someone they cared about there, and more than likely that someone didn't want to be there at all. That was the genesis of the protests, but you'd never know it to read history now that it's been rewritten.

  4. The odd thing is that as far we can tell, not a single soldier was ever spit on when he came back. Oh sure, that seems to be a meme that has been making the rounds for the past 30 years (that anti-war protesters spit on the returning soldiers), but there is not a single police report or newspaper report from the era to support that allegation. Holy Cross sociology professor Jerry Lembcke devoted an entire book trying to find actual incidents of spitting, and never found any credible ones. Some "vietnam veterans" came forward starting in the 1980's and started claiming they had been spat upon, but most of those "veterans" proved to be frauds -- in most cases, they had never even been in the military. Of those who were not frauds, they could provide no specific date and/or time when they were spat upon, and in some cases their recollections were directly contradicted by their military records which had them stationed somewhere else entirely at the time they were supposedly being spat upon.

    The likelihood is that one or two soldiers, at some point in time, were spat upon. While Jane Fonda was an aberration rather than representative of the majority of the anit-war movement, people like Jane Fonda did exist. The question is why has it become such a part of American culture that the majority of Vietnam vets were detested and spat upon when they returned? And who benefits from the lie that this happened?

    If you look at the "who benefits" question, things get quite interesting indeed....

    - Badtux the History Penguin

  5. OKAY, FINE! I'll take the blame!

  6. Libruls. Arggggh. Oh, wait. I'm a liberal. Ooops.


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