Sunday, July 17, 2005

Laws are for the little people, not for Republicans

That great patriot bodypart, G.D. Frogsdong, points out the Republican party's culture of corruption, and wonders what the deal is. Oh puh-LEEZE. We're talking about Republicans here. God's chosen people. Laws are for, like, Democrats and stuff, not for good Republicans.

Being in power in a one-party state means never having to worry about little things like "law". Law is for the little people, not for the members of the Party. As was true in Soviet Russia, as was true in PRI Mexico, so shall be true in Republican America. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I often challenge Republicans who mutter about taxes to move to Mexico. "Mexico's taxes are half those of the United States," I say. "Surely that makes it a paradise?" They mutter and mumble and change the subject. But there's a reason why they do so, because their model for the future of America is the PRI's Mexico -- where taxes are low, government services are almost non-existent, the government is owned lock stock and barrel by a corrupt oligarchy, where there is a small elite making obscene amounts of money amidst millions living in abject poverty, where for many decades the PRI assured itself of power by blatantly rigging the vote and cease doing so blatantly only under international pressure. Today's Republican leadership wants to be the PRI of America. They want absolute power to loot the wealth of the nation for the benefit of themselves and their cronies. They want to rig the vote by rigging the (electronic) ballot boxes. They want to eliminate all government services not directly related to getting income into their own pockets. They, in short, want to make America into Mexico with better highways.

And they're doing it. I've been watching the Mexification of America for most of my adult life as the Republicans have schemed and gained power and done their best to enrich a powerful elite at the expense of the people as a whole, as the nation's infrastructure slowly decays from willful neglect. Now they're on the cusp of pushing the nation into permenant one-party state mode, thanks to their control of the media, the ballot boxes, and of all three branches of the national government. And if we don't stop them...

Well, let us just say that some day, Mexico may need to erect a fence to keep out Americans fleeing the crushing poverty of the United States, rather than the other way around.

- Badtux the Apocalyptic Penguin


  1. Funny that you should mention Mexico, because the country that came to my mind would have been Brazil. Ever seen "City of God"?

    But that's not a complete analogy, because Latin America doesn't also have a theocratic element to its ruling class. By the time the GOP is finished, we'll be a cross between Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

  2. I would add to drumwolf's comment that we will be a Mexico with a meesiah complex (goes along with the theocracy) and plenty of nuclear weapons.


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