Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our "allies", Pakistan

Pakistan is trying the doctor who helped catch Osama bin Laden for treason. Which doesn't surprise me, given that Osama bin Laden was killed basically in the Pakistani equivalent of West Point and there's no way that the Army didn't know he was there on their doorstep.

These are our "allies". Yeah, right. If Pakistan didn't have dozens of nukes I'd say just get the hell out of Afghanistan and Pakistan and cut'em off and let'em rot. Unfortunately, having dozens of nukes they can give to terrorists or lob via missiles at our call centers across the border in India sorta makes it difficult to ignore Pakistan...

Shorter: WASF.

-- Badtux the Gruntled Penguin


  1. Yeah, all this BS about how worrisome it is that Iran is developing nukes, when an unstable nation that DOES sponsor international terrorism (see Mumbai attacks)has loads of them. My money's on Pakistan being the place where the unraveling of the current pattern of civilization starts, unless the rabid Zionazis kick it off first by blasting Iran. Which they'd have to have America's permission to do first, unless they planned to do a half-ass attack on the assumption that Uncle Slaughter would help them to finish the job. And with Brainless Nuttin-yahoo's track record (see the botched poison assassination plot in Jordan that helped end Netanyahu's first go-round in office, the one where the Israeli attackers were captured and held hostage until the Mossad coughed up info about the antidote) I wouldn't put it past him. Netanyahu is the Newt Gingrich of Israel.

  2. In related news, our 7th-Century head-chopping friends the Saudis might like to purchase a few of those Islamic bombs from Pakistan. Until reading that story, I had not realized how much oil money had supported the Paki program. All the better to menace those idol-worshipping Hindus. Never underestimate the depth of hatred that fundamentalists have for pagans.

    Tux, are you a Tom Lehrer fan? "Who's Next?" is an appropriate ditty for the occasion...

  3. Alabama is actually the most frightening.


  4. Unfortunately, Jazz, Arizona is the new 'Bama. As is Indiana, Idaho, Utah, Kansas plus a whole host of others. Ennyoneawhom could be next...

  5. But . . . but . . . but wouldn't blowing up our call centers in India be a good thing?

  6. Pakistan only tries to get along with us because of all the aid money we give them.

  7. Oof, Bukko, Bandar Bush is the oaf in charge of Saudi security? EEP!

    JzB, what's so terrifying about Alabama? As far as I know, they don't have nukes?

    Phil, the deal about Indian call centers is that they run during the Indian day, which is our night, so it makes it a *ton* easier to run 24-hour-a-day support service. We only have to hire people to work during the day -- our day, and the Indian day.

  8. I don't care whether it's light or dark, 'Tux, I still have trouble understanding most Indian techs because of partial hearing loss and a fairly severe case of tinnitus; if spoken words aren't pitch-perfect in regards to pronunciation, inflection and accent, they sound like gibberish to me. Given that many Indian techs have trouble understanding me, meaningful attempts at communication between us are often futile.


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