Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gingrinch PAC releases anti-Romney movie

The fascinating thing is that, unlike most of what Romney says, the facts I tried checking out in this video actually checked out. Romney's group of corporate raiders was all about stripping assets out of profitable companies that they took over in hostile takeovers and turning them into bankrupt shells, as Romney's group walked away with millions of dollars from stripping the assets and the workers of the former profitable company were thrown out on the streets.

Yesterday while driving home I caught Gingrinch being interviewed on CNN Radio. You got the sense it's not about votes with the Grinch now. This is personal. His distaste and disdain for Romney was so visceral that you almost expected spittle to come out of the radio speakers.

-- Badtux the Dwarf-race-watchin' Penguin


  1. Yes, they are a cute couple, aren't they? Who wouldn't want one of these
    "fine Gentlemen" to be the leader of the Free World ???

  2. I heard an interesting spin on this yesterday. The reason Newt is making a big deal out of Bain now is to get the information out and let it be discussed now. by the time the REAL campaign begins, Bain will be old news. People will no longer care. The idea is to get the skeletons out now so they don't cause damage later.

  3. w3ski, I wouldn't trust one of these fine gentlemen to babysit my child, much less be leader of the "Free World".

    Jerry, that notion works for some things, like George W. Bush's little AWOL problem, that nobody much cares about anyhow (so GWB went AWOL from an unpopular war before half the voting population was born? Err, okay). But this is the sort of image-defining stuff that people simply don't forget. If Gingrinch manages to successfully define Romney as a cold-blooded ruthless liar who destroyed American jobs and American lives for personal profit, that has a lot more impact than the fact that a callow youngster went AWOL from his National Guard unit, a crime that hurt nobody at all. Some things just can't be lived down. Think Hitler -- it's been 60 years, and the majority of folks *still* have an unfavorable opinion of the man as a cold-blooded ruthless genocidal maniac. Sometimes time simply doesn't cure a bad first impression!

    - Badtux the Image-defining Penguin

  4. I don't know, BadTux. Bain was a while ago. After all, it is just what business does. And he made lots of money, so....he was successful, and success breeds envy. I think a lot of people will let him slide.

    And a comparison to Hitler does not help your cause.

    Time will tell.

  5. Fine, how about Richard Nixon? If we dragged zombie Richard Nixon out of the ground and ran him for President, you think the majority of people today would vote for him?

    What Baen did is still happening today. George W. Bush admitted he'd had a drinking problem when younger but claimed he'd reformed, and people forgave him. But Romney hasn't claimed he's reformed, indeed, he seems to be *proud* of what he did at Baen. American voters will forgive a lot, but they expect at least some sort of contrition before they'll forgive...

    - Badtux the Vulture-observin' Penguin

  6. I think you have more faith in the American voter than I do. I hope you are right and I am wrong.


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