Friday, January 20, 2012

Gripe of the day

What's with these people who don't flush the toilet? Are they so impressed by the fact that they managed to produce a turd that they want to preserve the evidence so that *we* can be impressed too? Dude. It's shit. We're not impressed. Flush it down. If your feeble little head can figure out how. If not, how did you manage to make it to a public toilet under your own power in the first place?

Which reminds me -- public art here in the SillyCone Valley sucks. Down in LaLa Land, they get silly public art like this:

So what do we get here in the Silly Cone Valley? We get a drunken wife-beater whose statue spent ten years in a warehouse because he loved killing Mexicans and the Hispanic community was outraged that a statue of this dude was gonna be in a public park, we get a statue of drunken schmoos schmoozing:

And let's not forget the crowning accomplishment of public art in San Jose: An 8 foot tall pile of dog poop:

Compared to a giant silvery head of Lenin with a tiny Chairman Mao balancing atop it, We Suck.

-- Badtux the Random Penguin


  1. Up here, we have these bizarre bronze sculptures of laughing Asians in a park by the harbour. Guy who created them for an exhibition in 2009 now says "Gimme $1.5 million for 'em or I'll haul them away." (He was trying to get $5 mill from the city, but had to cut his demand.) I say "Back up a big truck, buddy."

  2. Well, at least they ain't giant dog turds ;).

    - Badtux the Not-turd-admirin' Penguin

  3. Laughing my butt off (pardon the pun) you just made my day. And I must say Tengrain would be proud of you. He's a great admirer of bad art.

  4. Back in 1970 or so my college erected an outdoor "sculpture" that looked like a giant egg made of fiberglass and silvered on the outside. Around the exterior were scattered dents as well. It was so well received that within a week the bottom half was covered in scratched in graffiti. After the college had it refinished they had to set up a night time guard to keep it from happening again.

  5. Pussies.

    We have this.


  6. Damned country is goin' to hell in a handbasket, ain't it, 'Tux? Michael Moore should leap all over this.

    If devolution is the final stage of evolution, then I'm pretty sure the human race is headed for extinction in a future that's closer than anyone wants to imagine.

  7. What I hate is assholes that won't sit on a public toilet and shit on it.

  8. Montag, that sounds lamer than the fornicating shmoos. We suck, but your alma mater sucks more. So there :).

    JzB, rub it in, okay? You guys get a kick-ass fist, while we get a pile of dog poo. We suck.

    Phil, BBC, I still ain't figured it out. Sure, some of our staff are from third-world countries like Mexico, Vietnam, India, and Texas. But surely someone musta told them how to operate a flush toilet at *some* point in time, right? I mean, they *are* pooping in the toilet, they're not pooping in the sink or the urinals or floor drains, after all...

    -- Badtux the Art-admirin' (but not poo-admirin') Penguin

  9. Disgusting f'ers aren't they!
    Who ever they are
    Thank Creation/Design for the "Auto-Flush" Toilet !
    They have made a great good even up here in my small town public potty.
    And,even if they Are takin pics at least the damn thing is flushed when I get to it.
    Now if they could just rinse and dry the seat too?

  10. Ya, you'd think these asswipes never had a woman in their life to tell them to pick the seat up before lettin' go with the firehose. It's, like, WTF? At least ass gaskets are a bit more common nowadays than they used to be...

    - Badtux the "YUCK!" Penguin


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