Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Hamster

I suppose I should post something about the dwarf race. Creepy Dwarf won, as expected, but 60% of GOP voters still don't like him and voted for someone else. Goldy Dwarf came out with a surprising second place finish -- apparently New Hamster *likes* cranky old septuagenarians who yell "you darn kids, smoke my grass!", probably something to do with too many fumes from the grass. Oily Dwarf's oil millions apparently worked good enough for a third place finish, followed by Grumpy Dwarf, Frothy Dwarf, and basically out of the race, Dopey Dwarf with basically 0%, who is going to give it one last Texas try in South Carolina then go home to tend his chattel.

I was going to extend the allegory to dwarf vs. camel but at this point we're already too politically incorrect towards the little people so I'll let you watch that race and create your own allegory. Heh.

- Badtux the Dwarf-watching Penguin

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  1. That last dwarf was REALLY burning with his running! He could probably kick my normally-statured ass in a foot race.

    I see the whole preznitial corntest as something that's going to disgust the base on both sides of the factional divide. It's in the bag for Hopey, because that's how the money powers want it, and the fewer people who annoying turn out to participate, the better TPTB like it. Easier to manage the re-selection of a corporate servant that way. My only question is whether the "liberal" lackey of the 1% will get less than 25% of the potential voting public's ballots than the actual member of the 1%. It's all part of the "delegitimization" of every major institution that's taking place as the current civilization falls apart.


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