Thursday, January 12, 2012

Matt Drudge wants you to read his web site...

unless you're a government employee, at which point I guess you give up your right to read his web site.

Look. There are times when I post things that have folks from unallocated IP addresses stop by. (That is, there is no official entry in the ARIN reverse lookup database for these IP addresses, there's No Such Address, read the initials ;). It's called GOOGLE. Some of those folks are dropping by because it's their job. Some are dropping by because they're on their lunch break. Either way, they typed in something like, say "B-1 crash afghanistan" to Google and came to my blog. That's how the Internet works. That's how it's always worked, all the way back to the early webcrawlers that required you to be really creative to actually find things.

So we are left with two options here: Either Drudge really believes that becoming a government employee means you lose your right to use Google to find articles of interest to you or your employer, or Drudge is a cretin. I report, you decide.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I can't stand Drudge but I read his site to get the scoop on what teh repub are thinking.

    I simply cannot watch Fox News, even with their hot, on-air babes.

  2. I vote Cretin.
    If his site was the only one on the net, I would throw my laptop out in the driveway and back over it with my 67 Ford 4X4, twice.


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