Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guess that eatin' right stuff didn't last

Tonight I steamed some potstickers made of the flesh of the mighty tofu beast, and ate some kimchi'ed Korean vegetables. I followed it up with some yogurt for desert.

All of which is to no avail, because cooling on top of my stove is a pan of fresh-backed chocolate fudge brownies, which I topped with some 60% cacao chocolate chips as decoration.

Sigh. First there was the cheesy crackers (well, sorta-crackers anyhow), now this? I need to start baking things a bit more healthy than this!

Update: Chocolate overdose. OMG. Is it possible to have a mouth orgasm? These things are *soooo* rich and, well, chocolaty...

-- Badtux the Fat Penguin


  1. Sounds like your basic brownie recipe -- chocolate and more chocolate topped with chocolate -- is similar to mine. I make dark chocolate brownies with semisweet chocolate chips added to the mix; the result is so rich and chocolaty that I can barely eat it, and even Husband, world-class chocoholic that he is, agrees that they're "chocolate enough".

  2. Try bread baking. It's not difficult and you end up with...fresh bread!

    Lots of different kinds of bread too -- sourdough, rye, focaccia, pizza. Yummy stuff.

  3. Yah, bread is definitely on my ToDo list. Not up to sourdough -- that requires thinking too far ahead for me. I did purchase some of the "instant" yeast when I was on the bakery aisle a few weeks ago though with the thought of making some bread -- I have some whole wheat flour I need to finish up before it goes bad (whole wheat flour doesn't last as long because of the oils from the wheat germ going rancit).

    - Badtux the Baking Penguin

  4. We all fall off the wagon now and again. Like Lincoln or someone said, the trick is getting back up one more time than you fall.


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