Sunday, January 15, 2012

Disgusting racists

Pretty much every nation has a law that says if a citizen of that nation marries a foreign national, the foreign national can get a visa to live in the home country and can eventually get citizenship. So, what would you say about a law that said you could marry anybody you wanted to marry and bring them home to live as long as the person you want to marry isn't a Jew? You'd be outraged at such a racist law, I hope, and make comparisons to Hitler and maybe even mention that Hitler's propaganda referred to Jews as "cockroaches" and thus Nazi Germany outlawed marriages between "Aryans" and Jews because, really, who marries a cockroach?

But this is just a theoretical question, you say, because surely no modern nation would pass some racist law that singled out a single ethnicity for special discriminatory treatment. The international outcry would be deafening. Uhm, except a supposedly modern nation did pass such a law. I'm still waiting for the outcry, though, because the nation is Israel, and the ethnicity being discriminated against is Palestinians. Yeppers, if you're an Israeli citizen and marry an Italian, you can bring your spouse home. But if you're an Israeli citizen and marry a Palestinian... forgetaboutit!

So waiting for the international outrage in... oh wait. I forgot. Condemning racism means you're anti-Semitic. Alrighty, then!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Early in the days of the US civil rights movement (1950s-1960s)I was startled by how many white people seemed to be positive that equal rights for Blacks meant domination by Blacks. And that Black people would then proceed to abuse whites as the whites had abused them.

    I thought the whole idea was ridiculous. Have come across the same fear of women and gays for pretty much the same reason.

    The Jews took a beating during the 1930s and 1940s, being nearly wiped out by the various fascistic regimes. The fascists taking the position that "you Jews cannot live here. You have to leave or we'll kill you. Jews can never live with non-Jews."
    The Jews who believed this became Zionists and fought for the formation of Israel where they wouldn't have to brush elbows with non-Jews.
    This law is a natural outcome. As long as the state of Israel insists that Jews cannot co-exist with non-Jews, the state AND all its citizens remain in mortal peril. This cannot end well.

  2. This cannot end well.

    Indeed. The core problem is that this ruling is counterproductive to the goal of a viable state of Israel. Israel is inherently not viable for both demographic and geographical reasons -- the nation is too small, has too few (Jewish) people, has too little water, and has basically no natural resources. For its survival Israel *must* rely on, first of all, Jews in other nations who support Israel, for the subsidies that allow Israel that continue to exist.

    One of the untold stories of the U.S. civil rights movement is how many of the names of the white kids arrested for riding with black kids on those "Freedom Rides" were Jewish. Young American Jewish intellectuals were one of the biggest supporters of the Civil Rights movement because they'd seen what happens when a race is demonized up close and personal and realized that it was morally unacceptable regardless of the race being demonized. One reason why the KKK hates Jews with such a passion is because of the active support of the American Jewish community for the Civil Rights movement. This action is going to wreck havoc with support for Israel amongst American Jews, because it is as morally reprehensible as segregation in the American South. And without American Jews, you don't have a state of Israel... Israel likes to picture itself as this isolated embattled outpost of civilization amidst savagery, but the reality is that Israel is a welfare state, dependent upon the largesse of others for its very survival. And pissing off the people who are giving you money is never a good idea...

    - Badtux the Practical Penguin

  3. AIPAC is going to get you if you don't watch out. Penguins aren't kosher, you know.

  4. "One of the untold stories of the U.S. civil rights movement is how many of ... the kids arrested for riding with black kids on those "Freedom Rides" were Jewish."

    Not just many. Probably the majority. I've been doing some kind of protesting since 1964 and most of the white people I've worked with have been Jews.

    One of the great "successes" of the Zionists has been to convince Jews around the world that being anti-Zionist is the same as being anti-Jewish. Any criticism of Israeli policy is anti-semitic. Period.


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