Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Token Perfect Negro Day!

As with most Americans, I spent MLK day at work. Because hey, it's only a holiday for a *darkie*, not for a *real* American, so get into those cubicles and onto those assembly lines, wage slaves, and punch out some product for us!

But anyhow, this is the day when we celebrate Token Perfect Negro, who was this nice kindly non-threatening well-dressed black man who, like, wasn't scary and shit like those scary black people demanding social justice and jobs. Token Perfect Negro wasn't one of those scary criminal Negros who did scary criminal shit and such, he wasn't a rabble rouser, he was non-violent and non-threatening and who could hate him, after all?

Of course, the real Martin Luther King Jr. was quite adamant in his demands for social justice and jobs for all Americans, was non-violent but non-violent in a quite intrusive way that got into people's faces and made them pay attention, and there was one helluva lot of bigots, racists, and all-around nasty people who felt threatened by his very existence, to the extent that the FBI had a file on MLK Jr. that was a foot thick. And yes, he spent time in jail for crimes, though the crimes he was put into jail for were crimes of violating the apartheid laws, but still, if the definition of a criminal is someone convicted of a crime, MLK Jr. was a criminal.

And the world is all the better for that. But of course MLK Jr. isn't the person we're not-celebrating today, the person we're not-celebrating today is Token Perfect Negro. Alrighty, then!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  1. Ummm. I think this link says it all for me.


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