Monday, January 09, 2012


Chunky chicken noodle soup and fresh-fried bannock soda bread. (At 1/4th the amounts of that recipe!). Yeppers, trying a slightly different bannock recipe this time, one with some oil in it. Also added a teaspoon of sugar for a bit smoother flavor. It seems to have fried up into something that resembles a somewhat-dense biscuit. Tastes fine tho.

As far as I can tell, all the oil does is make the dough a bit easier to work (and no, you don't work it for 12 minutes, you work it as little as possible, maybe 12 *kneads*). 3/2 cup of water doesn't divide easily by four, so I had to sort of guestimate the last bit of water, so for the last bit I just sprinkled a little water in until the last bit of flour could be worked into the dough and the dough held together. Seems to have worked, it turned into a nice little cake.

My original intention was to have crackers with my soup. But no crackers. But had everything needed to whip up a quick soda bread. So I did.

- Badtux the Culinary Penguin


  1. If you had the makings of soda breas, you also had the makings of good biscuits. Check out the Minimalist and his cracker recipe: you'll never buy a simple craker or cream cracker agin.

  2. Yes, this same basic recipe would have worked for drop biscuits (well, I probably would have used butter rather than vegetable oil simply because biscuits are yummier that way and I'm pretty sure that's what my grandma did in her soda drop biscuit recipe), but that would have required turning on the oven and this was something *quick*. It took about five minutes to get all the ingredients together and made into a flat cake, and another twelve minutes to fry it turning it from time to time to cook it evenly through from side to side, during which time I was also cleaning the dishes dirtied in making it and putting the soup into the microwave to warm it up. The soup came out of the microwave just as the bread was done. All in all, the whole meal took less than twenty minutes to cook (and clean up, remember, since I was cleaning up as it was cooking), not as quick as just warming the soup in the microwave and grabbing store-bought crackers, but still pretty quick.

    Amazing that one cup of flour can be so filling though...

    Still thinking about crackers. Maybe that'll be the next thing I try. One problem is that crackers take up a lot of oven space and I don't have much of an oven (it is one of the very first self-cleaning ovens ever made, and thus has more insulation and less oven than is currently the fashion). Hrm...

    - Badtux the Well-fed Penguin

  3. Did I ever drop a link on you to the restaurant in rural British Columbia that highlights its bannock? Run by a cheerful First Nations woman. Her slogan is "Don't panic! We've got bannock!" I ate there once on a trip to the wine-growing region around Lake Okanagan. The bannock, which is light and fluffy like doughnut dough, is used for burger buns. Quite nice!

    Captcha is "rosti" which is a Swiss version of fried potatoes, like hashbrowns. And I'm stuck at work eating leftovers to clear out the fridge. Drat.

  4. That sounds like a tasty meal. I usually make biscuits and eat them with soup, but I think I'll try the bannock recipe.

  5. That link that Yogi mentioned gives me an idea. It's about crackers, but it'd work for bread too. I have cheese. Hmm, if I mix the cheese into the dough... everything tastes better with cheese, right? :).

    - Badtux the Cheese-eating Penguin


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