Sunday, October 02, 2011

Too damned late


-- Badtux the Multi-Jeep (temporarily!) Penguin


  1. They are a lovely couple.


  2. If you keep both long enough maybe they'll breed little baby jeeps.

  3. Congratulations on being a new problem owner. Er, I meant a new vehicle owner. The downside to acquiring any vehicle, new or used, is that you get to fix it. Maybe it's because we keep our vehicles so long, but by the time we sell something, everything's been fixed; but when we replace it, $%#@ happens.

    But I err -- one couple's experience is not statistically valid -- and it might be the best Jeep/vehicle you've ever owned!

  4. Was standing next to a Rubicon just the other night and it was the size of a Hummer. It was huge.

    No matter what you got two.

    The new one ill be so much better. Have fun.

  5. Got my Hyundai last week. Not an Accent, but the new Veloster. Same engine. Currently averaging about 34mpg, but in long highway stints, it will show an average in the high 40s.

    Easy on the eyes. Not so easy on the monthly payments, though.

  6. JzB, that they are. Jeeps are meant to be Army green, but I'll take this green too :).

    Momma Lynne, heavens no. Last thing I need is more Jeeps to feed and care for!

    Karen, every new car I've ever owned has been reliable as a brick. Used cars, eh. A crapshoot.

    One Fly, this is the two door. It's considerably smaller than the four door -- in fact, it's shorter than my old Jeep, though slightly wider. The fun thing is the 285 horsepower :).

    Nangleator, yeah, I looked at the Veloster too. But in the end, I'm a Jeep guy. What can I say? :).

    - Badtux the Jeeping Penguin

  7. It sure is pretty. Congratulations!

  8. I see, you could make the old one into anything you wanted: tires, suspension, electronics, etc.
    Except of course you couldn't make it "new".Have fun, but please get it dirty, quick.

  9. Hoping for twins, 'Tux?


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